Buljarica is a bay of breathtaking beauty located on the Montenegrin coast, a few km south of Petrovac and Sveti Stefan, at an equal 45 minutes driving distance from Podgorica airport and Tivat airport. Also, Buljarica is 2 hrs drive from Dubrovnik.

This website was created in 2009 by landowners of Buljarica for the purpose of presenting their properties on a global scale. Coincidentally, Buljarica Bay is also the name of the Concept Master Plan realized in 2013 to illustrate a multi billion euro project on this bay. Furthermore Buljarica Bay is also the name of a firm, registered in Podgorica in 2014, who has participated to the international tender for the valorisation of Buljarica in the summer of 2016.

Behind the Buljarica Bay website, the Buljarica Bay Concept Master Plan and the Buljarica Bay firm, stand very different people who don't know each other. The only common shared element is the name "BULJARICA BAY" which was registered as our website in 2009 until nowadays.

For three years the Buljarica Bay Concept Master Plan 2013 was never shared with Montenegrin people, and the related landowners without whose lands no project is feasible. An inadequate top down information model was applied.

Censorship on the Buljarica Bay Concept Master Plan has generated the feeling something had to be hidden, but following its publication on BerlinLeaks on 14 October 2016 it's time to share it openly.

In line with the Montenegrin law of free access to information, especially where the issue of the plan, Montenegrin land and sea, pertains to the community, a bottom up information system can ensure the active participation of all parties directly involved, the state, the investor, and the private landowners who advocate the protection of their properties, as well as the right of taking part to any related decision process.

Spreading the Buljarica Bay Concept Master Plan 2013 which covers the Montenegrin private and public sectors is actually an act of fulfilling a neglected obligation, and it's author, PDL-DarGroup, as non-Montenegrin firm, has no right to claim confidentiality according to international law.

Given all these facts, Buljarica Bay website is the right place to share the "Buljarica Bay interim concept master plan" among the other official documents regarding this bay.